Sunday, May 29, 2011

-The Invincible-

Although I have made some very interesting progress with my project, I have some other things I'm working on at the moment.
I've talked to some people in the industry in the meantime and learned a lot of things. Most important thing I've learned so far, is that I won't be needing as much money is I thought I would, so that is great news! Second: If you have an ambitious plan and it will take a while to get it outthere, stick to your plan; Listen to people who know how you can move your project forward. After all there's enough people who can tell you how hard it is what you're doing. It won't get you anywhere.

My next first big step will be submitting my project at Cartoon Movie in Lyon. Trying to get my project selected in March 2012 means I have to submit my 'project in concept' before November this year. I'd say that is an attainable goal.
I hope I can keep you updated in the meantime...

In the meantime...

I'm also doing some other sketches that don't have anything to do with my animation project.