Tuesday, September 7, 2010

-The Invincible-

I'm planning on beginning working on the story when my historical research is finished. There is a lot in history that can initiate or help my story so I don't want to begin a complete ignorant.

Not only am I using artwork to straighten out some historical issues, I'm also planning on using a lot of visuals to challenge or define my story. There is a section that can be very dangerous or scary. These visuals help me to get the answers I need. How dark and how scary do I want this be? Do I need real monsters or do I want it to be realistic? After all, anything can happen in feature animation...right?

For your consideration, my plan is to aim for 90 minutes and I want the piece to be ready somewhere around 2016. So that should give me some time.

So stick around, it might get real...


  1. talks about color keys, you're environmental genius, man.
    may i ask how you pick your pallet?... can you share a few quick tips?

  2. So does this story involve the great grandparents of Nessie?

  3. to Jeremy: I'm doing the best I can dude! I'm very busy at the moment writing the story. So even if it looks like I'm doing nothing because I'm not posting, I'm hurrying up as we write;)

    to Ovad: It's difficult to answer Ovad. Sometimes I see a great pallet in a film, sometimes I just pick a random one to start with and work from there or I pick colors that I know work well for the mood I'm looking for. My quick, but essential tip is: Practice, focus and work hard. It sounds boring but a quick tip is quickly forgotten;)

    Rudolph: Thanks man, now you spoiled my story!