Saturday, September 25, 2010

-The Invincible-

So I've been working on my story for a couple of weeks now and things are really coming together. What has 3 weeks of story development done for me? Well, although I'm constantly rewriting it and probably will be for the next coming months, it made a few things very clear for me. I now know what I want out of my main character. And this is really important for me, because this makes it a lot easier to spot weak elements in my story.

I'm leaving story for what it is right now and I'm going back to the drawing board. I have to get a better understanding of where my story is taking place. I need to get a sense if my story fits the size of my locations. And the other way around. I still don't have a clue wether my main character has to travel and how far. If he has to travel miles and miles before he arrives where he needs to be, maybe I have to double the size of my setting.

Stay tuned...

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