Saturday, July 30, 2011

I went to Brussels

Because I'm completely new to the animation industry, I had so many questions I thought it would be a good idea to go visit an animation studio with a substantial track record when it comes to making European animated features. So, one beautiful day, I decided to call them and my very first appointment was set! Just like that!

So, to make it a fun weekend no matter what they were about to tell me;) I went to Brussels (Belgium) with my wife and booked a hotel. I certainly got inspired by the medieval market place called 'the Grand Place' and had an amazing afternoon with two producers from the animation studio who took the time to help me out with every question I had. And more.

They gave me advice from money issues (where to get it?) and industry insights to practical information on how to cooperate with different companies and how many people they had working on a 90 minute feature. Whom I should talk to and which animation festivals to visit. And most importantly, they provided me with a reality check on my feature. They were very helpful, but were very clear on the subject: How easy is this project going to be? This wasn't going to be an easy ride and it's at least very (very very very) hard to get a big budget together. Period. Good luck!

So, not completely desillusioned, I went back to meet with the my wife and we had dinner like people do in Brussels. Have Mussels. Later that evening we found this very nice bar downtown where they must have had literally hundreds different brands of Absinthe in their collection.

conclusion: I had a great weekend!

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  1. very very very very hard = not impossible. Don't worry about the money. Focus on the story and the characters. Make it the best project ever.
    Then the money will follow. It always does.